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About Casting Quarters

Three very dynamic people make up the core team at Casting Quarters :

Johanne Titley:

After receiving her telecommunications diploma, working ten years in all sorts of television production jobs and five years as a television producer, Johanne had a magical encounter with the late New York Casting Director Riccardo Bertoni of Navaro Bertoni Casting House. Like a muse, he trained and inspired her. In 1998, Johanne started Casting Quarters in Montreal and has never looked back since. She loves her work and her energy and passion are contagious. She drives her team with a positive and exuberant attitude. She drives auditions the same way! To top it off, Johanne has quite a few terabytes of faces and profiles sitting right in her brain. That’s right, she is a walking, talking, data-base! We other folks here often wish she had a usb output but as Johanne says: “That ain’t gonna happen!”. She decided to build this website with integrated data-base instead.

Patricia Walker:

Her experience in public relations, television and live show productions worldwide certainly serves her well as casting assistant. Patricia has a great interest in filmmaking, as she is an aspiring screenwriter with a few finished feature films in English and in French. Patricia has worked with Casting Quarters on and off for 12 years.