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About Casting Quarters

Very dynamic people make up the core team at Casting Quarters :

Johanne Titley:

Johanne Titley is an incredibly talented and dynamic woman who has worked in many exciting areas of television production since graduating from Algonquin College's Broadcasting program in Ottawa in 1990. Her overflowing creativity has helped her shine in roles ranging from sound recorder to floor director and assistant director. She has also worked as a producer for infomercials. In 1998, Johanne met her inspiring mentor, the late New York casting director Riccardo Bertoni, which led her to create Casting Quarters in 1999. As a casting director, Johanne has worked with some of the most renowned directors and producers internationally, imprinting her unique signature in the industry. She has also used her natural leadership to engage in humanitarian initiatives such as food distribution after the 1998 ice storm and has actively participated in the development of Montreal's film industry by getting involved in the Mission Qu├ębec initiative. Johanne is passionate about her work and is blessed with an infectious enthusiasm and positivity. She is determined to accept new challenges and operates with efficiency, speed, and plenty of creativity!

Patricia Walker:

Patricia's diverse background in public relations, television, and live show productions have all contributed to her success as a casting assistant and coordinator at Casting Quarters. Over the years, she has become an integral member of the team and is now an associate and project manager. Her passion for filmmaking and writing is evident with the completion of several feature film scripts in both English and French. Patricia thrives on the unique challenges that come with each project and values working alongside the talented Johanne. It's clear that Patricia is a dedicated and valued member of the Casting Quarters family.